A new Furry Novelist in town

Hey folks!  I just found creatuve_furs and it made me think, "Hey, I'm maybe creative..."  So, I thought I'd drop in and say hello and show off my novel a little bit--see if anyone might be interested in checking it out.

My novel's called Piggy Moto: All-Star Boar Band, and it's about a quintet of musicians who have set out to change the world's unflattering views about their species (The blurb below says it all).  In case anyone is curious, I am podcasting Piggy Moto, so it would be easy (and free) to pop in and get a sample of my writing in audio format.  The cover pic (drawn by Analon) is a link to the podcast page, but you can also listen on  Piggy Moto *is* in print, available from Fur Planet.  I'd love to hear what y'all think about it, should you feel like popping over and giving it a read or a listen.

ere's the blurb:

The great Species Wars have ended, but prejudice and bigotry
persist. Pride and jealousy shape social policy, and lineage, rather
than merit, determines a person's fate. The least and the lowest
live without any voice, trapped under the heels of the well-born.

As a pig, Eberhard Berringer endures the scorn of more noble
species. They think him filthy, base and degenerate. Being a dwarf,
he's even set apart from his own kind, who snicker and stare when he
passes by, but hope for change glimmers on the horizon.

Word of a festival has come from the war-ravaged country of
Lancemyth—an international competition to find the most talented
musicians in all of the known world. With the help of four friends,
Eberhard intends to take that prize and show his countrymen that pigs
are not plebeian. Of course, such endeavors are rarely as simple or
safe as they may seem in the beginning.

Even before the festival begins, a saboteur's vandalism shakes the
pigs' morale. As pranks turn bloody, Eberhard and his friends find
that more than their reputation is at stake; seeing this contest
through could kill them all.
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Because I'd like to go to FWA con this year I've decided to participate in the Iron Artist challenge and offer these really cheep bust commissions for a limited time only (only 100 slots available).

Here is what I'll be offering!

BASIC SKETCH..............$3
These are sketched out busts of any character you want, animal or human.

These are sketched and inked busts of any character you want, animal or human.

[i]These are colored busts of any character you want, animal or human. The reason these are a little more $$ is only because I'm running low on materials. However, I figured I will offer these for anyone who wants them.

Please add an additional $2 (US/CANADA) or $3(INTERNATIONAL)

Let me know!! I can just give it to ya there :3


Any help is huge and truly appreciated!!

Aegis (by <lj user="film2edit">)

Calling all proofreaders and other writing fans!

I'm going to be attempting a rather interesting project soon (orbofradiance, but I need proofreaders, people to keep my logic straight, and so on. Is anyone interested in proofreading/plothole-fixing chapters of the story I intend on writing. This'll be a paying gig (not much, but it will pay); is anyone interested?

If so, contact me. Thanks :)
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Hello Right Brained Furries! Anybody for some Indie Folk Rock?

Hullo various beings of fuzzy, not-so-fuzzy, and what lies in between.

I noticed this community is kinda dead, but I figured I might as well throw this up here to try and get a bit of exposure and maybe make some friends.

I just started a Song-A-Day project on this LiveJournal account [Just click the name!] in an effort to not only get my songwriting and composing juices flowing and my skills refined, but to get the bad ideas out of my head too. I find sometimes those lingering things that I want to do but never follow through with often stifles the good stuff from flowing out.

For more info about the project and about the wolf behind the guitar you can check out the intro post:

Feel free to friend me here or watch me on FurAffinity if you dig whatcha hear or just wanna chat with someone /way/ too into music and other creative pursuits. 

And finally, as most of the stuff in my Song-A-Day is very rough, worked on very quickly, and often simply bad... Here's a pawful of links to some of my slaved over, obsessively produced, and a bit better in general recordings. I ask that you listen to some of these first so you have an idea of what me not [completely] sucking sounds like :D

~When It Always Is (Original Song)
~The Letters (Original Song, Work-In-Progress) [Warning: One naughty word]
~La Professor, Fille La Danse (Damien Rice cover) [Warning: A few naughty words]
~Cold Water (Damien Rice cover)
~True Love Waits (Radiohead cover)

Thanks for considering me for your listening pleasure. Shoot me a message and chat me up, I love talking with creative types of all natures :3. My AIM and stuff is on my LJ profile.

With love and hugs,
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Looking for a Large Format Printer For cheap?

I was poking around government liquidation (surplus) auctions near me today out of curiosity and came across this:

An HP C7770C Banner Printer/Plotter
42" wide, Roll feed, Full color.

A bit of research pointed to this thing normally selling for $2-3k (used).

I have no use for it personally, but thought there may be someone out there that does.
It's amazing what the government sometimes has just lying around :P

Custom Glass Tags - Taking Orders!

I'm opening up for 10 slots of the 1.5x.865 (top row). They're 13.50ea, or 2 for $25.

I'm opening up for 8 slots of the 1x2s (two on the bottom) They're 18.50ea, or 2 for $35.

Also, I have an unlimited supply of 1x1in squares. Those are 11.50ea, or 2 for 20.

I am accepting Paypal ONLY. Please comment here, note me on FA, or send an email to

Thanks for looking!
Guns & Roses

Vulpes Elementalis - fantasy fox roleplay

Hello everyone! I've started a new roleplay for those who love foxes and fantasy writing.

In the world of V.E. you play a magical fox from one of the five elemental clans (fire, water, nature, light, dark): will you be a shadow illusionist of Clan Caligo, or a fire mage of Clan Fax Facis? Each clan has its own personality, which leads to trouble: will the haughty light foxes of Clan Caelestis come down from the clouds to start a war? What sides will the other clans take?

V.E. is well organized and efficiently run by a friendly, enthusiastic, and experienced roleplay owner. We invite roleplayers of all levels to join our small, but active and welcoming community.

Because this is brand new, there are plenty of opportunities for staff positions, becoming a clan leader, and getting yourself established in this promising new roleplay.

We have an easy joining process, flexibility in character creation, a friendly and approachable admin, a willingness to consider members' ideas in the development of the game, and even colored usernames for your birthday! :)

I encourage you to visit us and see that you think!

Mecha Kitteh - Made by me

Writing Commisions - Open again

I am offering 2k word writing commisions for $5 over on my DA. It will be $1 extra for every 1k each.

I am willing to write nearly anything, OCs and fandom, and have information that you will need to fill out for me to understand certain characters and settings better. I have never really written any sort of fursonas before, though I've always wanted to. Especially for me and my girlfriend. I just have yet to get around to it. So, it would be nice to do it for others.

For more information and examples please check out my journal here where you can see also what I will and will not write.

Fursuit maker researching

So, I've decided that, come hell or high water I'm getting a suit within the next year.

I've been poking through all the suit makers' galleries I could get my paws on and narrowed down my choices to 4 so far:

I may start asking for quotes soon but I wanted to know if anyone had any good/bad comments on these four and/or suggestions for any I should check and might have missed (I looked through all the North American makers on this list)