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11 December 2010 @ 06:21 pm
Hello Right Brained Furries! Anybody for some Indie Folk Rock?  
Hullo various beings of fuzzy, not-so-fuzzy, and what lies in between.

I noticed this community is kinda dead, but I figured I might as well throw this up here to try and get a bit of exposure and maybe make some friends.

I just started a Song-A-Day project on this LiveJournal account [Just click the name!] in an effort to not only get my songwriting and composing juices flowing and my skills refined, but to get the bad ideas out of my head too. I find sometimes those lingering things that I want to do but never follow through with often stifles the good stuff from flowing out.

For more info about the project and about the wolf behind the guitar you can check out the intro post: glockypaws.livejournal.com/980.html

Feel free to friend me here or watch me on FurAffinity if you dig whatcha hear or just wanna chat with someone /way/ too into music and other creative pursuits. 

And finally, as most of the stuff in my Song-A-Day is very rough, worked on very quickly, and often simply bad... Here's a pawful of links to some of my slaved over, obsessively produced, and a bit better in general recordings. I ask that you listen to some of these first so you have an idea of what me not [completely] sucking sounds like :D

~When It Always Is (Original Song)
~The Letters (Original Song, Work-In-Progress) [Warning: One naughty word]
~La Professor, Fille La Danse (Damien Rice cover) [Warning: A few naughty words]
~Cold Water (Damien Rice cover)
~True Love Waits (Radiohead cover)

Thanks for considering me for your listening pleasure. Shoot me a message and chat me up, I love talking with creative types of all natures :3. My AIM and stuff is on my LJ profile.

With love and hugs,
Glockypaws of The Abstract Virtues
Professional Maestro of Fluff and Fuzz

"Before you play two notes, learn how to play one note. And don't play one note unless you've got a reason to play it."-Mark Hollis

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